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Resources to Share – Telling Moments

Telling Moments (真情告白) is a deck of images specially commissioned by Grief Matters to illustrate experiences related to living, dying and bereavement in the local Singapore context. Complete with conversation starters, it was originally intended as a card game to encourage families and the community to discuss and reflect on sensitive topics that are traditionally considered as taboo and kept under wraps – death and dying. When COVID-19 struck, we held back the printing of these images into physical cards to use as a table game and started using the images for online engagement.

After receiving requests to use the images for public engagement, education and training purposes, we have decided to upload all of the 160 images online for members of the public and service providers to use them as conversation starters to planning ahead for care. These images can be downloaded for your use with Grief Matters duly acknowledged.

You may download them here: Moments

If you are using these images, kindly credit us as follows:

Credit: Images by Grief Matters via

Thank you.

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