Our Legacy Story

We tell legacy stories to honour memories of loved ones and foster continued bonds through grief and loss.

In the first legacy story video series, Madam Lai tells the story of her late father and the gifts he left behind.

What is the significance and meaning of the traditional Hakka yam abacus seed dish to Madam Lai?

What was one thing that Mdm Lai had always wanted to say to her
father but did not have the chance to?

Our Legacy Story gave her the space and opportunity to express her love, and honour her father’s memory in the best way she knew how through what her father had taught her food and values.

Watch on to find out more and hear Madam Lai’s legacy story.

Videographer: MAKE NAMI   ●   www.makenami.com
Photographer: Jazpar Y   ●   www.jazparphotography.com

Do you have a story to share about your loved one?

What treasures did they leave behind? What gifts or values did they impart?
What reminds you of them? It could be a song, photo, a recipe, a memento,
an object or personal item.

We warmly invite persons who have experienced grief and loss to share your
story of your loved one. We would love to hear your story about how you
remember them, and what they have left behind for you, in you.