We offer support, advice and information to the bereaved and rally the community to recognise grief.

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“探索生命、从死看生”,快乐学堂与愈援(Grief Matters)合作推出这个前所未有的课程,以轻松好玩的方式,大方探讨死亡以及个人的生活价值观和信念,从而更从容地面对和规划未来的健康和医疗安排。

The Ultimate Exploration of Life” is a first-of-its-kind workshop launched by Grief Matters in collaboration with YAH!.

It is a death literacy and education workshop which aims to explore how participants’ life narratives shapes their hopes for the future and attitudes towards dying and death. Through a mix of experiential activities, facilitated discussions and field visitations, participants were  equipped with knowledge about future care planning, will and estate-planning, legacy building, and different perspectives and tools to support them in planning for end-of-life matters.