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What are the benefits of planning ahead for our own funeral or the funeral of our loved ones? How to choose a funeral company and manage the costs involved? What if there are many opinions regarding funeral planning?

Held as a part of the ACP Week @ Chinatown Point, the ‘Funeral Planning: A Must-Have for a Good Death’ talk by Ms Chee Wai Yee addressed the factors to consider when planning ahead for a funeral and provided some suggestions on how to manage funeral when the wishes of the loved one was not made known.

The death of a loved one can hit us suddenly and unexpectedly. Many people are unprepared and unfamiliar with the tasks awaiting us after the death of a loved one, from funeral planning to managing the estate of the deceased. Planning the funeral of your loved one while managing your own grief can be a profound experience. Funeral planning can become a cause of conflict and disharmony among the bereaved. However, when planned well, a funeral can bring people together to honour the deceased and bring comfort to the bereaved.