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As part of the ‘Live Well, Leave Well’ campaign, Montfort Care in collaboration with Life Point, brought discussions and information about different care planning tools to the public in a roadshow at Chinatown Point on 11&12 May 2019. Across the two days, residents of the neighbourhood and shoppers alike,  learnt from talks, stage performances, and various booths by participating partners expounding the concept of advance care planning.

A highlight of the event was an interfaith dialogue (as pictured) hosted by UFM100.3 DJ Huang Wenhong. Leaders from different religious faiths shed light on how the tenets of their religions may influence and inform a person’s perceptions of death, dying, grief and bereavement. Some thought-provoking questions asked by members of the public included “What does my religion say about making preparations to face death?”, “Are we allowed to miss someone who has departed?”, and “What is the meaning of death?”.