Resources for coping with grief

Voluntary Welfare Organisations and Support Groups:

Children’s Cancer Foundation
For children who lost their caregivers to cancer | Tel: 6229 3701
Child Bereavement Support(Singapore)
A network of bereaved parents offering support to anyone whose child has passed away

Farewell My Child ( A compilation of shared experiences in child bereavement)
PleaseStay. Movement Singapore

An advocacy group calling for unity and support to prevent suicide among young people

HCA Hospice Care

Supports both patients and their families as they journey through their adjustments and losses|

KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (Neonatal Bereavement Support Group)(NBSG)

For bereaved parents| Tel: 6225 5554

Wicare Support Group
For widows and their children | Tel: 6354 2475

Useful Hotlines:

Hotline / Helpline Who is it for?  Day  Times  Telephone 
Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) Anybody in crisis and the suicidal. Daily 24 hours 1800 – 2214444
Mental Health Helpline Those suffering from psychological and psychiatric problems Daily 24 hours 6389-2222
SAMH Helpline For people who have psychological, psychiatric or social problem and others who need information on services for such persons Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm 1800 – 2837019
Hotline 800 Mandarin speaking community with family marital and personal problem Mon – Sun 10am – 9pm 1800 – 3535800
AMP Hotline Malay / Muslim families in crisis or those who need help Mon – Fri 10am – 5pm 6416-3960
Club HEAL For Malay / Muslim individuals or families  who require assistance with or support for mental health concerns Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm 6899-3463
Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA) Indian families in need of assistance or counselling Mon – Fri
9am – 5pm
9am – 1pm
Aware Helpline Women with a variety of concerns Mon – Fri 3pm – 9.30pm 1800-774-5935
Counselling & Care Centre For individuals, couple and families experiencing psychological, marital or family problems Mon – Fri 8.30am – 5pm 6536-6366

Losing a child to suicide

For bereaved mothers who lost children to suicide, being part of the PleaseStay movement not only helped raise awareness about youth suicide, but they also found support in their healing journey.

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A letter to my younger self before my dad passed away from cancer

The author writes a beautiful letter filled with touching advice to her younger self. Within the personal letter, Ingrassia talks about coping with her father’s cancer diagnosis and the experience of eventually losing him.

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7 Things I’ve learnt since the loss of my child

Author Angela Miller shares seven powerful lessons she’s learned from the unimaginable experience of losing a child.

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Widows can be happy, too

Becky Nolan shares her advice on how to find happiness and continue life as a single parent after the loss of a spouse. In fact, her whole blog, Mommy is a Widow, is filled with helpful advice, insight, and inspiration for those who have lost a spouse.

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7 Ways to prepare for death that can change your life

The author talks about something most people tend to avoid, and that is how we can better prepare ourselves for our own death. She outlines seven ways in which we can start on a path that will not only help improve our lives but also better prepare us for that final goodbye.

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How to cope with grief of an unexpected death

One of the hardest losses is that of an unexpected death. In this article, you’ll learn not only healthy methods of coping when faced with a sudden loss but also important ways to memorialize and capture the memories of your loved one.

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The truth about grief – grief is forever

The honest truth about grief. This article talks about the author’s experience about grief and the 5 lessons she has learned.

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I chose to live

This article explores the story of a woman who lost her husband to cancer, and how she found the light in her dark days of grief.

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Breaking the silence on suicide: One mother’s story

When Ms Elaine Lek saw her son Zen in Melbourne on Sept 27, 2018, he seemed happy to see her and even made plans to meet up the next day. Less than five hours later, he took his own life. Now, Ms Lek is hoping her family’s story can help break the silence surrounding the taboo subject.

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Ted Talks

Our team has compiled a series of Ted Talks given by different speakers on their views and experience on the topic “Grief”

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Tragic Road Accident

Seven years ago, Hui Ni lost her two sons in a tragic road accident. The cement truck driver was sentenced to two weeks in prison for his negligent act. In this episode of Can Ask Meh? In-Focus, we hear how Hui Ni found peace after.
What if it was you? How would you have responded?
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