Coping With Grief

At Grief Matters, we support individuals and families who have lost their loved ones through death.

Bereavement is the period after a loss during which grief is experienced and mourning occurs. While grief is part and parcel of bereavement, it is a unique experience for every individual. There is no one, or right way to grieve. Grief has no time table, and can last as long as it takes to adjust to the changes in our lives after the loss of our loved one. For some, it can be months; and for some, even years.

Some places where a bereaved person can get support include schools, workplaces, friends, and family. People such as volunteers, faith leaders, teachers, and colleagues can all support the bereaved person in different ways.

Charity-run centre helps grieving hearts heal

We are the first centre in Singapore, which is focused on giving support to those who have lost someone close.

Our Senior Director, Ms Chee Wai Yee, did a recent interview with The Straits Times to discuss about our services and programmes.

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